EFRS: Coronavirus pandemic

Dear Colleagues,
The current global COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is impacting on all of us and will be with us all for some time. On behalf of the EFRS Executive Board and Team, I wanted to take this opportunity to recognise the significant pressures your organisations (Societies, Educational Institutions, and Trade Unions) are facing at this time. 
I have heard stories from many countries across Europe, and beyond, of national radiographer societies, educational institutions, clinical departments, and individual radiographers showing a strong, united, and supportive approach to dealing with these once in a lifetime circumstances. Radiographers are playing a hugely important role at this time; you are demonstrating your professionalism, your skills, your care and compassion, your resilience, to go above and beyond in playing your part in this battle against the pandemic. While hard decisions are being made to close workplaces, educational institutions, cancel meetings, events, and conferences; even tougher decisions are being made by front-line healthcare professionals in the management of this crisis.
For those of you in leadership positions, now is your time to lead our profession through these unprecedented challenges which, for many of us, will no doubt get worse before things get better.
We thank all radiographers for your efforts, your service, and the pride you are showing in our profession at this time. We wish you well and we wish your family and loved ones well.
Remember the EFRS motto at this time: Together everything is possible!
Jonathan McNulty
European Federation of Radiographer Societies

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