Join the fight against Covid-19 on the ESR Twitter channel

Dear ESR family, Dear colleagues,

Social Media especially Twitter pose an excellent possibility to get in contact with colleagues from all around the world.

We would like to ask you all to follow us on Twitter and help us to connect medical imaging professionals in their fight against Covid-19. Please share and post everything from scientific research to daily working experience regarding the coronavirus and discuss it with your colleagues in this #Thread

A picture of Prof. Derchi, ESR Past-President, at work, was shared yesterday on social media, together with a thank you message to everyone fighting the virus, which is receiving overwhelming response. Across all platforms, the posts received almost 400 likes so far and have been seen by 8,000 people. See the post here

On March 12 two lectures with Professor Josef Penninger, world-leading geneticists and molecular immunologists, were streamed live from the ESR Connect studio in Vienna. The first lecture under the umbrella of ESR Connect under the title 'ACE2 – a rational frontline therapy for COVID-19', the second one together with the Austrian thinktank Agenda Austria and in German language. Both lectures together have been viewed over 120,000 times on-demand.

We have made the ESR Connect lecture public on YouTube for everyone to be able to access it easily and for free, which you can find here

I wish you and your loved ones strength, health and courage in these very difficult and turbulent times and I am sure that together we will overcome the challenges we are currently facing!

Best regards,

Boris Brkljacic
Chairman of the ESR Board of Directors

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